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Title Working visas to teach for foreigners living in Korea 
Writer Elena Date 2011-12-02

OnTutor observes Korean Immigration laws and only allows the foreigners living in Korea who have proper working visas to work as tutors on OnTutor.
This includes Residency (F-2), Overseas Koreans (F-4), Permanent Residency (F-5) and Spouse of Korean national (F-2-1).
If you're a foreign resident in Korea, please send us copies of the front and back of your alien registration card (외국인등록증) to
[Customer Support]. Your payment will proceed after we receive your ID.
Violators of this law can be fined and will be subject to deportation.

For more detailed information, please visit the website ( or call the Immigration Contact Center (☎ 1345), or visit a local immigration office.


Withholding Tax for Korean Source Income for residents of Korea >>

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